The German fashion label Benno von Stein was created out of love for the perfect fit in connection with extraordinary materials. All designs are developed and perfected in our own sample studio; Every step is planned and accompanied from the purchase of materials to the final product.
In addition to the hand-picked production facilities in Germany and Europe, the highest level of quality is also assumed for all suppliers. Choice of fabrics, sewing accessories such as buttons or zippers: at Benno von Stein there is reliable quality. 

A resource-saving use of all materials and packaging is important to us. Our products are designed to be durable, can be combined with accessories again and again and are a statement against fast pace and waste.


Benno von Stein stands for creative collections made of high-quality synthetic leather and fine real leather!
Fashion for special moments – MADE FOR LOVE.

From the expert for the connoisseur – Christoph Pohl is the owner and chief designer of the label he founded in 1999. From the draft to the production-ready model, everything is worked out in the in-house studio. The innovative designs are known and loved for their refined fits with an incomparable wearing comfort. Once put on, you can feel how every design impresses on the outside and creates an unexpected feeling on the skin on the inside. Sensuality to wear!